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Edison Alumni Hall of Fame Criteria

The Edison High School Alumni Hall of Fame was created in 2015 to honor Edison High School graduates who have distinguished themselves in their career or vocation. This award will serve as a way of maintaining the heritage and tradition of Edison High School. It will also provide role models for the current student body.

Requirements and Procedures for Nomination

In order to maintain the integrity of the Alumni Hall of Fame, the following criteria have been established for nominations. Nominees must exemplify the highest standards of citizenship, ethical conduct and character. Nominees must not have a criminal record beyond a minor traffic violation. The committee reserves the right to revoke an inductee for failure to continue to abide by these standards.

Additional Criteria for the Hall of Fame

  1. The nominee must have graduated from Edison High School at least 10 years prior to nomination.
  2. The nominee is/was a role model for current Edison High School students.
  3. The nominee has distinguished himself/herself and/or shown great leadership at the local, state, national and/or international level through their chosen careers or vocations.
  4. The nominee has made distinguished contributions to Edison High School and/or society through their work or donation of time.

Nomination Procedure

1. Inductees may be nominated by:

A) The Selection Committee
B) Current or former faculty, administration, or staff member
C) An Alumnus of Edison High School
D) A member of the Edison community, excluding a parent

Nomination Form

A) All entries must be submitted on the Edison High School Alumni Hall of Fame nomination form. Nomination forms must be filled out accurately and completely for consideration.
B) Forms and information regarding this program shall be found on this web site under the sub heading Nomination Process on the criteria page.
C) Form can also be found on the Edison High School web site at edisonchargers.com.
D) The nomination form shall be completed and submitted to the Alumni Hall of Fame Committee by April 1 for the candidate to be considered for induction in the following school year.
E) All nominations received must contain current addresses and contact information for the nominee (or family if deceased).
F) Following the initial nomination, a candidate shall remain eligible for induction for the following 2 years. After 3 years, if not selected, the person may be re-nominated.

The Selection Committee and Guidelines

1) The Edison High School Alumni Hall of Fame Committee will meet annually to select candidates based on the criteria.
2) The committee will be composed of members from the following:

A) Former teachers, staff and administrators
B) Current teachers, staff and administrators
C) Community members

3) The committee members will serve at the approval and discretion of the current Edison High School Principal.
4) The committee will select the inductees through consensus and all discussions and votes will be confidential.
5) The inaugural Hall of Fame class of 2016 shall consist of no more than 10 inductees after which each successive class (year) will be decided by the selection committee.
6) The Induction ceremony shall be held each year in the fall at an event to be determined.

The selection committee carefully considers all nominations. Below are just SOME examples of areas for which an alumnus could be considered for induction into the Edison High School Alumni Hall of Fame:

Arts & Entertainment
Community Service
Distinguished Military Service
Health Care/Services
Social Sciences